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Cross Train (6omins.)
This practice provides an even dosage of strength, cardio, balance and flexibility. In addition to a well-rounded flow, this class will connect you to your intention for the program and reinforce “The 5 Keys of a Level Up Mindset.” Prepare to move through athleticism, the yogic way.
Although this class will get sweaty and a little messy, it starts with some sweet stretching for the shoulders, chest and wrists. Eventually as the flow builds, the heart rate picks up, providing a powerful cardio effect. You can expect your heart to be thundering inside your chest! This is definitely one of the most challenging but rewarding practices. You will feel exhilarated at the end.
By the end of this practice, there won’t be an area of the body that didn’t get strengthened — low body, upper body, back of the body — all of it. Throughout the class, Travis will take you to your edge in a certain muscle group, and then right when you feel like you’ve reached your limit, he will skillfully guide you to another area. After this class, you will be moving into the rest of your day feeling unstoppable!
For many people balance is the most neglected part of their fitness. This class will give you an opportunity to refine your balance skills. Toward the end of the standing series you’ll also have the opportunity to get upside down as you practice your handstand! This class will balance not only your body, but also your mind. Remember to have fun with this one. If you can smile and laugh when you fall, that’s advanced yoga.
Detox (60mins.)
In yoga they believe the body is like a sponge. In this class, you will move through a dynamic sequence of twisting poses, wringing out the bodily sponge. By the end of this class your body will be purified, spine electrified, and overall feeling light as a feather.
Vitality (60mins.)
This might be one of the most fun flows during the Level Up 108 program. You’ll move through creative sequences and explore pose variations that will leave you feeling like a yoga ninja. This class will move vitality in all directions and every cell in the body will be pulsating with aliveness.
Flexibility (60mins.)

Don’t let the title of the class fool you, this is a power yoga practice. This Flexibility sequence encompasses flow with dynamic stretching. After an invigorating standing flow be prepared to get nice and bendy. This class is the perfect balance of power and suppleness.

Gentle (60mins.)
After all the hard work you’ve put into the power yoga practices this one is well deserved. In order to successfully complete the 108 days, the relaxed days are extremely important. Gentle yoga will give your body the opportunity to rebuild and repair. So prepare to kick back, relax and indulge yourself in a beautiful, gentle flow.
Yin (60mins.)
Yin yoga involves seated poses, held for 3-5 minutes, to promote healthy connective tissues, fascia and joints. This style of class is the perfect complement to the faster power yoga classes in Level Up 108. The long holds are very meditative in nature and teach the importance of stillness and letting go. At the same time you improve your pliability, you’ll also improve your wisdom, because wisdom arises when you slow down and look within.
Upper Body Yin (30mins.)
You’re only as strong as your weakest link. This practice will take care of the key upper body links — the chest, shoulders, neck and wrists. This short but medicinal class will leave you blissfully relaxed.
108 Sun Salutations (50mins)
In this video you will be celebrating your major milestones on day 36, 72, and 108! Traditionally Sun Salutations are practiced as a way to give thanks to the sun for its light, warmth and energy. If it wasn’t for the sun we wouldn’t be here. As you celebrate how far you’ve come during the Level Up 108 journey, allow yourself to be fueled by gratitude. Relax into the rhythmic cadence of this invigorating sequence.
Level Up Meditation (10mins.)
In this meditation, you will mentally rehearse your Level Up 108 program goals. Research shows those who mentally rehearse future events in the mind have more effective outcomes. Travis will also guide you to reflect upon “The 5 Keys to a Level Up Mindset.”
Breath Meditation (10mins.)
Focusing on the breath is one of the oldest and most powerful meditation practices on the planet. Your breath is always with you. It can be accessed anytime as a way to open the mind to presence and calmness. This meditation will steady and focus the mind.
Loving Kindness Meditation (10mins.)
Loving Kindness practice dates back approximately 2,500 years. In this meditation, Travis guides you through various stages of spreading compassion using images, feelings and the repetition of loving phrases. With an open heart you experience more joy and a meaningful connection with yourself and others.
Mental Noting Meditation (10mins.)
When you name it, you tame it. In this practice, Travis will guide you to gently note thoughts, feelings and sensations that arise within your practice. This teaches you to witness experience rather than react to it.
Gratitude Meditation (10mins.)
Enlightened masters and modern researchers have espoused that gratitude is one of the greatest contributing factors to happiness and joy. Gratitude brings a quality of fullness and wholeness to life. Without it, we often focus on what is missing and lacking, therefore feeling empty and often not good enough. Prepare to give thanks to the limitless blessings of life!
Presence Meditation (10mins.)
It is very common for the mind to dwell outside of the present moment experience. When we look closely, we might notice the mind replaying past events or anticipating future scenarios that may or may not happen. When the mind gets pulled away from the present moment, we miss out on the depth and richness of the NOW. In this practice, Travis will guide you to anchor into the power of presence.
May You Be Healthy Body Scan (10mins.)
In this beautiful meditation, you will deepen your relationship to self by blessing all the body parts to be healthy. When the body is healthy, you will successfully be able to complete your 108 Level Up journey.
The Handstand Workshop (15mins.)
One of the key poses of Level Up 108 is the Handstand posture. Handstands are the holy grail of inversions. If going upside down feels scary and intimidating, have no fear, Travis will safely guide you through all the necessary steps. By the end of the 108 days you will be proud of how far you’ve come. But in the end, it’s not the handstand that really matters — more important is what you learn on the way!
HardCORE (15mins.)
Having a strong core is paramount to overall strength and stability. In this practice you will move through 11 different exercises for about one minute each. This sequence will address the entire abdominal wall and energetically reinforce strong willpower and healthy self esteem. Another benefit is this video will get you ready for bathing suit season!
Pranayama (15mins.)
Pranayama, or Breath Work, is a powerful and potent practice. In this video, Travis has sequenced three of the most powerful pranayamas to level up your energy, brain coherence, alkalinity, and blood chemistry.